Private Lending for Real Estate – How to Make Money in Real Estate Without Working


People across America today are tired of the weak economy and watching their money do absolutely nothing. Smart investors know that your money should work FOR you, not sit idly by. Instead, investors watch their hard-earned funds either sitting in a bank account earning peanuts or riding the ups and downs of the volatile stock market, usually ending up right back where it started with a net zero gain.

Is that anyway to get ahead? Is that really building a nest egg?

Of course not. However, many people are unaware of all the investment choices out there. You see, the big stock brokerages don’t want you to know of all the options you have. They want you to think that your investments, retirement and financial future are dependent on your own savings and the long-term appreciation of the stock market.

But that’s simply not true.

I’m here to inform you about a powerful investment tool called Private Lending for Real Estate that may be the greatest place to put your money for maximum security and profitability. But first, let’s look at the two most popular investments today: bank accounts and the stock market.

Bank Accounts, as of this writing, aren’t even paying 1% APR on average. Not even a percent! How long will it take you to grow any savings at that rate? With inflation, you’re probably losing money instead. So while it does provide you some government-backed safety, it’s not a plan for growing any real wealth.

Next up is the Stock Market. The market can, in good times, provide a very healthy return on your capital. The problem is — you never know when that’s going to be! Your returns are not known in advance. Sure, you can do all your homework and form an opinion on where you think the market and certain stock/funds are headed, but is that really any more than just a guess? Aren’t you really just gambling that the bigwigs running the funds know more than you do? I guarantee you many of them do not. They ride the ups and down just like you do with no more indicators of what’s around the corner.

Another problem with investing in the stock market is that there’s no collateral. You have nothing really securing your investment beyond a ticker symbol. Of course, there’s also the fact that you have no equity!

Example: Shares of Disney are selling for $50/share. How much are you paying? $50! You pay retail, the same as everyone else –> you have no equity. If you had to liquidate tomorrow, you’d actually lose money because of the transactional costs. Your shares must appreciate for you to just break even — in other words, you’re starting out at a loss! And since you have no way of knowing it will appreciate…. you get the idea.

Lastly (OK, I could go on and on), the market is subject to events beyond your reach, control and prediction. Tsunami in Indonesia? Corporate fraud? Earthquake in Japan? War in Libya? These events happen, quite often very quickly, and ripple around the world into the American economy and affecting — you got it — your investments.

So you have no equity, no known returns, no collateral and no protection from unforeseen events. Sounds like gambling!

LET ME SHOW YOU A BETTER WAY: Private Lending with Real Estate Investors

So by now you may be wondering if you have to choose between the safe but low returns of a bank account and the risky returns of the stock market. The answer is NO!

Let me introduce you to Private Mortgage Lending. The easiest way to describe this powerful, safe and profitable investment option is with an example:

Mike, a savvy real estate investor, finds a house worth $300,000 today. After some repairs, it would be worth $350,000. However, John the seller lost his job and really needs to sell quickly to pay off some debt and avoid bankruptcy. John owns the house free and clear and agrees to sell it to Mike for $200,000 and close in 10 days. John gets fast cash and Mike gets a great deal that he can flip for a healthy profit — a classic win-win.

Mike then contacts Stacy, a retired physician who has funds to invest but hasn’t quite yet found the smartest place to put them to use. Stacy wants her money to work hard for her but not if it means risking her retirement funds. Mike offers Stacy a 10% fixed interest rate note for the use of her funds to purchase and renovate the property. Mike meets her at the property, shows her local comps and a quote from a licensed handyman on the estimated repairs.

Mike also shows Stacy comps supporting the current “As Is” value of $300,000. However, Stacy only has to fund $210,000 for the acquisition and some repairs because of the large discount Mike negotiated on the house. This makes Stacy feel great because she knows that if Mike disappears, she takes back a property worth almost $100,000 more than what she loaned on! SHE HAS EQUITY!

At closing of escrow, Stacy gets a private mortgage securing a lien against the property in her name for the value of her loan. SHE HAS COLLATERAL!

Furthermore, Mike purchases title insurance and hazard insurance to protect Stacy’s investment. SHE’S INSURED!

Want more? OK, since her investment is not a security, there is practically no effect on her return or equity should an unforeseen event happen around the globe. Monsoon in India? Ice storm across Europe? Terrorism in Beirut? Doesn’t affect her return.

Last but not least, Stacy gets a very nice return on her capital! At 10%, she’s beating the pants off of her friends who are into stocks and bonds. Plus, there’s no volatility because it’s a fixed rate note! HER RETURNS ARE KNOWN IN ADVANCE!


As you can see, Private Lending for Real Estate offers you high, fixed returns with collateral, equity and insurance. Are you not very liquid but have a sizable IRA? You can rollover your account into a Self-Directed IRA to fund tax-free or tax-deferred — right from your retirement account.

For more on this little known yet incredibly smart investing tool, I encourage you to watch this explanation video:

Big Rock Investments, LLC, is a Hawaii real estate solutions and investment provider here in the Aloha State. We buy, sell, rehab and wholesale residential property right here in the islands. We specialize in helping people in trouble solve their real estate problems, whether they need to stop foreclosure on their Hawaii house or sell a distressed property quickly for cash. We also put these properties back on the market either fully rehabbed or in their current condition at discount market prices, creating equity-driven Hawaii real estate investment opportunities. Additionally, we offer a very attractive private mortgage lending program where your money works hard for you, earning a very fixed high interest rate with the safety of a recorded private mortgage.

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